Oh, Juarhala.

Liana Martinez. Seventeen. Female. Whoser, Lady Misfit, Chipopheliac, Cheffling, Harmenian, Sherlockian, Johnlocked, Whovian, and Human Being. That pretty much sums it up.

I mainly post about WLAG, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Nashville, Harmontown, and Community. Maybe a little Starkid now and again. And some random stuff I like.

None of the gifs or images I use are mine unless they are marked with my username.
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I love this picture. You know why? Because Jeff is derping, Rob and Kate are having the time of their life over there, and Erin is staring down Jeff like she’s gonna devour his flesh. And then there’s Dan, who isn’t even paying attention to his best friend. Nice one, Dan.

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