Oh, Juarhala.

Liana Martinez. Seventeen. Female. Whoser, Lady Misfit, Chipopheliac, Cheffling, Harmenian, Sherlockian, Johnlocked, Whovian, and Human Being. That pretty much sums it up.

I mainly post about WLAG, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Nashville, Harmontown, and Community. Maybe a little Starkid now and again. And some random stuff I like.

None of the gifs or images I use are mine unless they are marked with my username.
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I’m really happy with the way this turned out. It’s just a little token of my appreciation for the show. I hope you all like it!

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    Nice! Also, every time I see Spencer’s last name I’m again surprised I haven’t yet seen him turned into cat with the...
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    I used gimp. It’s pretty much a free Photoshop, if you’re not familiar with it.
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